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Black History Matters; Art Exhibit

What better way to celebrate black history month, than with a black art exhibit, focusing on black history, made by black artist, in a historical blacks only high school.  Well Support The Port Foundation, Inc has done just that with the help of D.R.E.A.M.S., Community in Schools, and Williston Middle School, with the Black History Matters Art Exhibit. The objective of "Black History Matters", Art Exhibit will be to expose citizens in the community of Wilmington, NC to the history of African Americans through art.  The artwork will focus on African American leaders, Icons, moments, culture, events and more.  The artwork will be on display at Williston Middle School, because Williston was originally the high school for African Americans before integration, from Feb 1st to February 29th 2016. We believe that this art exhibit can be very impactful in the Wilmington community because of all of the issues the black community is dealing with at this point in time .  We also hope that it will create a buzz that will make young Kings & Queens of the area remember their roots and realized how far we have came and what we need to do in the future.