Support The Port, OOPS, Lite Manhood, & NAACP of New Hanover County Brings The Citizens of Wilmington a "Fresh Chance"

(Wilmington, NC – June 24th, 2016) On Friday, June 24th, Support The Port, OOPS, Lite Manhood, Ace Solutions & the NAACP of New Hanover County hosted Fresh Chance Friday at Morning Glory Coffee House. Upon arrival guest were given a tour of the different stations. The first station sponsored by  Cape Fear Boxing and Catch Restaurant was  full of refreshments for our guests. This station led to the hallway where our employment stations was located. Employers were accepting job applications and even offered on-site interviews for those who were actively seeking employment. Across from our work and employment area was free HIV/Hep-C/Mental screenings provided by Coastal Horizons Center. There was also an area for our guests to have personal consultations with the lawyers from the Law Offices of Brett Wentz & Leeanne  Quattrucci Law Firm to discuss the process and possibility of getting criminal charges expunged. While our guests cycled through all of these stations the NAACP of New Hanover County was also registering many of our guests to vote. Angie Poston, also spoke with guest about her website that helps give those that have been arrested an online presence to help offer a positive light on their character and their arresting situation. An hour into the event we began our panel discussion with some prominent local citizens. These Wilmington native have worked past their negative situations and now own businesses, and have obtained college degrees. The panel discussion concluded with a Q&A session with the audience. Attendees left Fresh Chance Friday with a full stomach and mind full of new knowledge ready to take on their futures.


Special Thanks

Morning Glory Coffee House

Coastal Horizon Center

The Law Office of Brett Wentz

Leeanne Quattrucci Law Firm

Ooops Foundation

Lite Manhood


Phoenix Hometown Hires

Food Lion

Church’s Chicken

Gifted Hands

ACE Solutions


Big Wave

Brewster Bailbonding

Cape Fear Boxing

NAACP of New Hanover County

Brenda Dixion

Habitat for Humanity

Angie Poston


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Photos By: Shanell Harrison


Juan Bethea(Lite Manhood), Chef Rhodes (Catch), Jamar Barnett (Big Wave Promotions), Blanco Dinero (Artist/Bail Bondsmen) speaking on the panel discussion during Fresh Chance Friday



Brett Wentz from The Law Office of Brett Wentz, speaking on how citizens with criminal backgrounds can go about starting the process for expungement at Fresh Chance Friday



Fernando Moore (Church’s Chicken) speaking to the guest about job opportunities during Fresh Chance Friday



Karajane Fairall (ACE Solutions) speaking to the guest about the programs and services they provide during Fresh Chance Friday



Brian Dickey (Gifted Hands) speaking to the guest about job opportunities his company has to offer during Fresh Chance Friday



Brian Grant (Food Lion) Speaking to guest about job openings before they started their on site interviews at Fresh Chance Friday



Charles Davis was representing the NAACP of New Hanover County registering citizens to vote during Fresh Chance Friday



Coastal Horizons Center and Cedric Harrison (Founder of Support The Port) posing for the camera at Fresh Chance Friday



Cedric Harrison and Tim (Founder Morning Glory Coffee House) having a good time during Fresh Chance Friday



Thanks to everyone that came out to Fresh Chance Friday